Best known for tender ballads that touch on love, loss and family, Brisbane’s Dave Power has a deep and colourful songbook. His music – typically heartfelt country and blues – looks at the world from every different angle. Incorporating a rich tapestry of elements (not to mention some absolutely killer musicians) Dave’s latest release, Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues, captures him at his barnstorming best – finding the perfect balance between his trademark emotional slow-burners and his burgeoning love for lively bar room blues.

Dave’s body of work is an impressive chronology of an ever-evolving artist. His 2009 debut Addiction made grand music out of simple elements; showcasing Dave as a thoughtful and talented songwriter. His 2013 follow-up Looking Life In The Eye was bigger, bolder, yet drenched in the same authentic emotion. Two years later, Dave released the beautiful Handful Of Feathers – steering him in the more polished direction that would eventually lead to Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues, his greatest work to date. Hunkered down in his own Sundown Lounge Studios with renowned guitarist Michael Fix, Dave has thrown his heart and soul into Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues.

Led by its emotional first single Close Behind, Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues delivers the goods – showcasing the breathtaking highs and lows Dave can create as a songwriter. From the poignancy of new single I Don’t Care That You’re Gone, to the lighter vibes of I’m Sorry World, Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues wears Dave Power’s mark of sincerity. No less important than the unfeigned numbers though, some songs on Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues exist purely in the name of fun. From the perfect downbeat boogie blues of Sweet Lovin’ to the up-tempo swagger of Feeling The Blues, these are the songs that make you want to dance. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Through every note he plays and sings, an obvious truth emerges: Dave Power loves music. In the studio or on the stage, he is where he is meant to be. On Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues, Dave shows the true passion and dedication that has been the secret to his longevity as an artist. The peculiar title of the record reflects Dave’s further entrenchment in the blues, which has been a natural progression born of endless hours on the road, jamming and recording. Always one to throw himself into his work, Dave has once again created something truly honest and expressive in Steinman Carrera & the New Suit of Blues.

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Wielding his guitar and powerful voice, Dave delivers personal, raw messages through his songs and with over 10 years of live performance experience, he can bang out a great show too.

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