Following on from his beautiful Handful Of Feathers EP, Brisbane’s Dave Power returns with Close Behind – a touching tribute to fatherhood wrapped up in modern, soulful blues. Showcasing powerful, impassioned vocals and a searing guitar tone, Close Behind is an exciting addition to Dave’s already impressive repertoire.

The sacredness of family has been a recurring theme throughout Dave’s work, and Close Behind is his most tender piece yet. Envisioning the future of his daughter as she grows from a child to a parent, Close Behind takes Dave on a journey from father to grandfather, as he paints a vivid picture of the preciousness of life.

Produced by Dave in his own Sundown Lounge Studios, each instrument on Close Behind is mixed into a perfect balance. Interwoven with the song’s heartfelt themes is the equally impressive guitar work of UK session player Ryan Haberfield – contrasting gentleness with pure blues bombast. A seasoned performer, Dave Power has been releasing world class country/blues for nearly a decade, and his dedication to the craft shows in the perfection of his delivery. Close Behind breathes with space and movement, yet lacks nothing… the sure sign of masterful songwriting.

Laying the groundwork for grittier country/blues numbers to come, Close Behind is a ray of warming sun before the clouds sets in. But before we get to delve into Dave’s examination of heartbreak and loss, Close Behind showcases the kind of music that has been his trademark since his debut. Over the course of three EPs – Addiction (2009), Looking Life In The Eye (2013) and Handful Of Feathers (2015) – Dave has cemented himself as a world-class songwriter with a distinct and unique artistic fingerprint, typified by Close Behind in every aspect.

A troubadour at heart, Dave Power can and will play anytime, anywhere. As at home on the big stage as he is performing intimate shows, the universal language with which he creates finds its way into the listener’s heart in any setting. All he needs is an audience… the honesty and sincerity of his music takes care of the rest.



Wielding his guitar and powerful voice, Dave delivers personal, raw messages through his songs and with over 10 years of live performance experience, he can bang out a great show too.

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