It has been a while since Australian alt country has had a talent as promising as Queenslander Dave Power. With a beautiful voice capable of delivering honest, heartfelt lyrics, and a knack for writing catchy, hook-filled songs, Dave Power has everything on his side. Effortlessly drifting between tones of country, folk and indie, Dave’s latest EP, Handful Of Feathers, continues his legacy of winning over music fans of all descriptions with his personal, relatable songs.

Kicking off with Journey Of Ours (co-produced by Stuart Epps) Handful Of Feathers is Dave Power’s most personal record to date – focusing on the importance of family and happiness in a life that is both fragile and precious. Uplifting and thought-provoking, the song is the beginning of a musical journey that expresses the versatility of Dave Power’s musicianship. Self-performed and self-produced, each of the songs on Handful Of Feathers is so utterly crafted by Power that they serve as windows into his soul. A natural progression from his previous EPs Addiction (2009) and Looking Life In The Eye (2013), Handful Of Feathers has the vibrancy of a pop record and the intimacy of a folk record.

With an ever-present penchant for the bittersweet, songs like smoky country burner Incomplete, and the folk-tinged earnestness of Time For Change and Yellow Moon give the EP a grand dynamic range – both musically and emotionally. As the EP crescendos from the uplifting Save Me to the heartbreaking ender I Dream Of You, the scope of Dave Power’s playing becomes clear. Intertwined with his music are places and people – from the sidewalks and markets where he busks, to the swaying tropical skyline of his Brisbane home – and at the heart of every song is the thing he holds most dear: his family. His real life handful of feathers.

A troubadour at heart, Dave Power has spent his musical career performing anywhere and everywhere, and it is this street-level approach that serves as a metaphor for his career as a whole… from a completely grass roots approach he has somehow found an almost universal appeal.



Wielding his guitar and powerful voice, Dave delivers personal, raw messages through his songs and with over 10 years of live performance experience, he can bang out a great show too.

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